Increase revenue and improve customer service with access to Park One’s exclusive add-on services and innovative technology solutions.

A frictionless customer journey

Park One provides a range of technology solutions that improve the customer experience across each parker’s journey.

20+ years of parking expertise

Park One is now part of the Reimagined Parking family of brands, North America’s largest, most experienced parking network.

Add-on services to increase revenue

Transform your property into a multi-use space with forward-thinking turnkey services like EV charging stations, bike racks, and more.


Free Flow Access

Simplify access to your parking facility, whether gated or gateless, with instantaneous license plate recognition (LPR) technology.

Contactless Valet

Impress your customers with ticketless smartphone-based valet service, while also making it easy to track your property’s valet metrics and increase your revenue.

Mobile Payments

Empower your customers to seamlessly find and pay for parking with their smartphone using hangTag™, one of the most popular parking apps available.


Park One is now part of Reimagined Parking. The Reimagined Parking family of nationally recognized brands – Impark, Lanier, Republic Parking, AmeriPark, and Park One – is the world’s leading tech-powered, people-driven parking solutions provider. Our workforce of 8,000 manages 3,400 high-density parking facilities across 500 North American cities, generating 34 million digital transactions annually.

Reimagined Parking is by every metric the industry leader in parking management, valet shuttle, ground transportation, and parking technology products and services, with a portfolio of high-profile commercial real estate, retail, hospitality, airport, event, healthcare, municipal, and education locations across North America.


Contact us about managing or leasing options
What to expect


Exploratory Call

A collaborative conversation to determine your needs and discover how Park One’s industry-leading parking operation services and add-ons can enhance your parking property.


Customized Proposal

A customized parking concept that tailors Park One’s expert parking services and technology solutions to the location, size, and goals of your property.


Operational Plan

A detailed look at your new Park One operation and how it will increase your asset’s value.


Customized Parking Management

Trust your dedicated account manager to handle and optimize all daily operational aspects of your parking facility.

Upgraded Valet Services

Upgrade your property’s valet service with end-to-end management, including staffing and technology, to optimize operations.

Customer Experience Excellence

Oversee your property with our off-site command centers to provide in-the-moment support to customers. 

Shuttle Service

Offer branded shuttle buses that take your customers to and from remote parking locations and high-profile pickup points.

Enforcement Services

Optimize your operation with full-service, tech-driven enforcement strategies, including scalable enforcement vehicle fleets, highly accurate LPR cameras, and fair parking notice issuance.

Event Management

Make the most of big events with Park One’s streamlined parking solutions tailored for stadiums, arenas, and other large–scale venues.

EV Charging Stations

Activate add-ons to enhance your property and increase revenue, while Park One takes care of everything from permitting and setup to staffing and operations.

Multi-Use Applications

Establish new ways to add value to your asset with Park One, the only parking partner that can transform your property into a multi-use space.

Customized Parking Management 

Upgraded Valet Services

Customer Experience Excellence

Shuttle Service

Enforcement Services

Event Management

EV Charging & Bike Racks

Multi-Use Applications