SMS Valet

SMS Valet is the Android-based valet app that eliminates paper tickets and makes valet parking faster, easier and more convenient. After checking in with their mobile phone number, guests can request their vehicle with the app, and get notified the moment it's ready. SMS Valet:

Reservations and Payments

To generate increased demand and maximize parking space potential, we have developed an online pre-sales and reservation system. We also work closely with several major reservation systems for event pre-sales and space finding via apps and online tools.

Automated Parking

With our thorough understanding of automated parking equipment, we have helped automate dozens of parking facilities. Automated parking systems and remote monitoring can:

Vehicle Guidance

We frequently consult on vehicle guidance systems that present drivers with dynamic information on parking availability. Our systems combine traffic monitoring, real-time data and variable message signs to provide guidance within select facilities. We promote a variety of technologies to help motorists find unoccupied parking spaces and improve their parking experience. This includes ultra-sonic sensors, video feeds and parking space led indicators.

Remote monitoring

Today's asset owners increasingly demand the efficiencies and increased earnings potential of automated parking operations. With expanded capabilities and platforms, our remote monitoring service links video and audio streams from multiple Park One facilities to be monitored by parking professionals.

Among the benefits of automated parking systems and remote monitoring are: