The Value of Happy Employees

May 31, 2019

The Value of Happy Employees

As employees are the driving force behind the day-to-day production, task execution, and achievement of a company, a satisfied team and good morale across the board are deciding factors for company prosperity. Throughout our large network, our team has sought to create an environment of collaboration, placing an emphasis on team success. From thought leadership to project development, using an all-inclusive team approach has been effective in leading our organization to even greater accomplishments. Because of this, AmeriPark is honored to have been recognized as a Top Workplace of 2019 by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Creating the Atmosphere

As a leader in the corporate suite, the best way to institute prosperity throughout the company is by creating the atmosphere. When it comes to creating the proper workplace environment, the positive energy that fuels success comes down to a simple asset: making people feel valued. Valued employees return that good energy in a domino effect that multiplies positive vibes throughout the operation. Positive energy is the fuel of every operation, so we must put in everything we’ve got to get the exceptional results for which we strive.

Practicing Value

Value can come from the smallest of things, from a simple greeting to creating a space of open collaboration. Opening up the conversation of ideas, strategies, procedures, etc., instead of dictating the dialogue provides a sense of worth to others and sets the foundation to build solid partnerships within the office walls, leading to the ultimate best possible outcome. Frequent assessment among employees is also key: What went wrong? What went right? What can we learn from this and improve upon next time? How can we prevent this from happening again? Engaging employees in the process and establishing an education-centric and encouraging environment is the best and only route to ensure overall success in the workplace. 

Value-Sized Benefits

It’s no secret that a company’s benefits package is a major component in employee satisfaction. And these days, benefits aren’t confined to health insurance or vacation time—maybe it’s getting to bring your dog to the office, or a game of ping pong before lunch, or even the opportunity to give back to the community alongside your coworkers. In all of our employee benefits efforts—whether formal or informal—the end goal is clear: happy employees.

So what are the direct business benefits of happy employees?

  • Recruiting is easier when your company is more attractive to a potential employee
  • The existing team is happy, less stressed, and more inclined to produce better work
  • Lower turnover rates occur, keeping the team cohesive and on-target for consistent forward movement 

Being a Best Workplace

Utilizing a people-centric approach in the workplace, we are pleased to have been donned with the Best Workplaces honor for six of the last seven years. As we strive to enhance the employee experience each and every day, we hope to continue this trend and build an even stronger workplace environment. It starts with those at the top, bringing our best attitudes daily, exemplifying a diligent work ethic, and showing our team how much we care for them. 

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Todd Brosius

President– Central & Eastern US
Todd Brosius joined Citizens Parking in July 2016 and currently serves as President of the Central and Eastern US. Prior to his current role, Todd served as the President of our AmeriPark brand increases the firm’s EBITDA by over 45% in the first year. Todd has 26 years of leadership experience in the parking industry in a multitude of roles. 

After graduating from the University South Florida, Todd began his career in the parking business with a reputable parking firm in 1993 as an Assistant Valet Parking Manager at a convention hotel. Todd continued with the firm for 13 years, gaining several promotions throughout the Southeast, Northwest, and parts of the Caribbean.

In 2006, Todd joined a parking asset management firm where he spent the next 10 years. Todd’s role as Executive Vice President included leading the firm’s hospitality and lodging vertical. During Todd’s time with the firm it experienced significant growth; more than doubling in size.

Todd’s hobbies include golf, fishing, duck hunting, and cooking. Todd has been married to his wife Jennifer for 25 years and they have a 16-year-old son.