New Technology Enables Park One to Improve Parking Services for Clients

Oct 14, 2016

New Technology Enables Park One to Improve Parking Services for Clients

Park One has deployed the newest technology in parking management, offering clients more efficient ways to speed up and improve parking services for their guests and residents of high-end condos, hotels, rental and commercial properties.

By using the latest in mobile software, remote monitoring, and automated machinery, the company is modernizing all of its parking services as well as continuing its tradition of being a technology leader in the parking industry, said Bijan Eghtedari, Park One’s CEO.

“As we improve on technology, we also improve on our customer service and impress our clientele with efficiencies that were unimaginable just a few years ago,” Eghtedari said.

Mobile Software

Through a partnership with Flash Valet, a leading mobile parking software solutions provider, Park One is using a new mobile app and platform at more than 30 properties that it manages across Florida and Texas, including luxury properties such as Trump, Peninsula, Acqualina and Hyatt Regency Coral Gables.

Flash Valet is revolutionizing valet parking management by allowing every aspect of the parking operation to be managed from one platform. The system tracks parked vehicles, revenue control, guest check-out, and other features with ease. Barcode scanning makes tedious paper-based vehicle tracking obsolete. Flash Valet also streamlines employee management, keeping tabs on time and attendance and providing integrated payroll processing capabilities.

Remote Monitoring

Park One has expanded its remote monitoring capabilities by adding two new facilities to its platform, based in the Coconut Grove office.  The platform – the first of its kind privately owned and operated in southern Florida -- links the video and audio streams from multiple Park One facilities so they can be monitored by trained parking professionals.

The system enables Park One to continue moving away from cashier-attended garages and lots toward automated parking facilities that improve efficiency.  More specifically, the benefits of automated parking systems and remote monitoring include:

-- Improved cash controls

-- Reduced operating costs

—-- Enhanced customer service

—-- Increased throughput and less congestion

“Automated parking facilities have been the norm in Europe and South America for nearly a decade,” said Fred Bredemeyer, president of Park One of Florida. “More and more, asset owners are demanding the efficiencies and increased earnings that are typical from automated parking operations. The technology is now proven, and Park One is poised to lead the way in this sector.”

Automated Machinery

Park One’s new unattended surface lot management is making parking easier at Yacht Harbor Condominium in Coconut Grove, where the state-of-the-art, customer-friendly, pay-on-foot facility was recently established. With the latest pay-by-plate technology with a Digital Lukemachine, the facility has been upgraded to fully automated collections.  As part of the improvements, the lot was cleaned, landscaped and reconfigured to allow easier access, and new graphics and Wayfinding systems were installed.

Patrons are now able to pay the machine without the inconvenience of going back to their vehicles to leave a receipt.  They simply enter their license plate number, apply their payment and go on their way.

By deploying these technologies, Park One maintained its mission of utilizing the most current parking facility technology to provide clients with accurate and timely information and improve their day-to-day operations. Park One is a pioneer of parking applications with its proprietary software PARK1 VTS© that allows for tracking, monitoring, controlling and managing valet keys, vehicles, tickets and employees attendance.

Eghtedari added: “These technologies are a natural progression for us. We see technology as the essential ingredient for effective parking management.”