Citizens Insider: Stephanie Reynolds

Jul 31, 2018

Citizens Insider: Stephanie Reynolds

Stephanie Reynolds, our “gem,” has been a Lanier employee for over a decade. She began her career with Lanier as a cashier at the James Center in Richmond, Virginia and later transferred to her current position at Riverfront Plaza.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being a Lanier employee, Stephanie will tell you plain and simple—it’s the people. She loves meeting new people each and every day, and greeting other employees as they arrive every morning. According to her manager, Carolyn Yancey, everyone that interacts with Stephanie feels the same way about her, “If Stephanie is out for a vacation day or the rare occasion when she is sick, parkers will call our office out of concern. They truly miss her when she’s not there. Each Christmas, Stephanie receives numerous gifts from ‘her’ parkers and monthly parkers often get out of their car to hug her on their last day of work. I often hear from our parkers that she is truly a ‘gem’ and how lucky we are to have her.”

As she drives the success of Lanier’s business, Stephanie believes the key to her own success comes from loving others and being herself, “I was taught by my parents to love yourself, love everyone, and give respect, and you’ll receive these things in return.” Stephanie’s generous spirit is often showcased as she is always the first to volunteer at any work event, and she never hesitates to fill in for another employee if they need to leave early or take a day off.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband, her two daughters, and their dog, Dollie. They enjoy working in the yard, going to church, doing crafts, and decorating.

Thank you, Stephanie—your commitment to both service excellence and Citizens Lanier Holdings is invaluable to our team. You truly are our gem!