Keeping the Human Touch in the Age of Technology

Oct 17, 2018

Keeping the Human Touch in the Age of Technology

In today’s rapidly-advancing technological age, we get everything we need using our thumbs, forefingers, and our smart phones. We no longer need to call to order a pizza, make any kind of reservation, or even pay a bill. We can buy almost all our household needs through a few clicks on Amazon and have them delivered, sometimes even faster than if we went to a store ourselves.

The Irreplaceable Human Touch

At least today we can safely say we still need a person to valet park our cars, or carry our bags, but what about the future? With all this talk of self-driving automated cars, are we going to have to let a computer park a car in our private luxury condominium or Class A office building? We have already seen models of robots serving as bellman carts in hotels. How warm of a touch will that be? Aside from the service aspect, are we going to be more secure or less secure in an age where computer hacking is potentially as dangerous as physical crimes?

These are important questions as engineers race to make our lives easier. Will we quickly reach a stage where we ask ourselves, what happened to personalized service? Can any robot ever truly replace the warm smiling face of your favorite Valet, whom you’ve gotten to know over the last couple years? It is someone who knows you, your dog, your housekeeper, and your guests. Yes, these functions can all be replaced, but certainly not the human touch.

Technology Resources for Human Successes

We are certainly in the business of making lives easier. And while we embrace technology, we use it to make things more efficient, while maintaining our focus on the human touch. For example, we may use technology to help you get your car faster, or your package delivered to your apartment, but at the same time we keep sight of the fact that there is nothing sweeter sounding to anyone’s ears than having your name remembered with a smile by a real person.

With the resources of the Citizens Parking technological arm, we have found many areas where technology improves these personalized service goals. These include highly-advanced networks that properly screen and re-screen our associates. We can create the best possible benefits, payroll systems and easiest processes of communication for our associates and management. We use technology to help find the most innovative ways for our customers to rate us, and for us to have a system of follow up. We use our customer feedback to create algorithms that can help us schedule staff more efficiently and adjust parking traffic lanes during varying daily peaks. We may even use technology to help us identify your vehicle quicker, thus further enhancing your true service experience.

The Business of People

At Citizens, we embrace technology and constantly use it to make everyone’s lives easier. But at the same time, we are proud to be in both the technology and human businesses, and we truly look forward to greeting you by name, with a smiling face for many years to come. On behalf of the 8,000+ associates (and computers) in the Citizens umbrella, we are proud to serve you.

Benton Launerts

Region Vice President