Driving Success: Aria on the Bay

Jul 10, 2018

Driving Success: Aria on the Bay

Park One is proud to announce another new client: Aria on the Bay, a 53-story, 648-unit condominium located in the up-and-comping Edgewater district of Miami, Florida.

Built by Melo Developers, Aria is amenity-focused and is virtually a small city in itself. Featuring a full-service spa, multiple restaurant spaces, daycare facilities, and an elevated pool level with food and beverage service, Aria is as close to living in a hotel as it comes.

Through our excellent relationship with the Atlantic & Pacific Property Management Company, the Property Manager at Aria on the Bay, we were able to win our first contract with Melo Developers. We are eager to win them over for their future developments. #DrivingSuccess #WeParkMiami