Citizens Insider: Sandy Kennedy

Oct 24, 2018

Citizens Insider: Sandy Kennedy

“Our Sandy,” as she is known around Wilmington, joined the Lanier family 5 years ago and has been a positive influence on parkers and Lanier employees ever since. Sandy works as an event cashier at the Wilmington Convention Center, where she enjoys meeting customers every day. Before working with Lanier, Sandy was employed in the medical field. During that time, she grew to love working with people, which is what actually drew her to Lanier to begin with.

Her love for serving people is evident through her customer service and dependability. At reoccurring events, clients always return to the venue asking about her, an accomplishment she’s most proud of.

Project Manager Corinne Hightower has worked with Sandy since the start of her career, when Sandy actually trained her. Over the years they became great friends. When it comes to Sandy, Corinne has nothing but phenomenal things to say. “She is always there, at any hour of the day. If there is a pop-up event, she will always work late. She is dedicated and hard-working, and her smile will make your experience in our deck worthwhile!” If you ask anyone on the Wilmington team, they will all tell you the same thing. Everyone loves working with Sandy because she is an exceptionally great person with a good heart.

When she isn’t serving the Wilmington community, Sandy likes to knit and read, as well as participate in her church groups. Currently, she is looking forward to the cool weather and the military balls that are coming up soon!

Thank you, Sandy, for being a shining light in the Wilmington community, and for being an exemplary part of our family. We are lucky to have you here.