Citizens Insider: Sebastian Ramirez

Sep 28, 2017

Citizens Insider: Sebastian Ramirez

The Park One team would like to showcase another up & coming member in their growing family. This Citizens Insider is all about Park One Manager, Sebastian Ramirez.

Seventeen months ago, Sebastian was recruited and interviewed by Kevin Hardwick, Regional Manager for a position at Hyatt Coral Gables. Kevin believed Sebastian’s experience and credentials would essentially exceed the client’s expectations of operations, "I knew he understood the service culture. Culture comes from the top and Sebastian is a leader who inspires his team to provide the best in service.”  

Sebastian has worked in the parking industry for 3 years, and his list of clients he’s managed consists of; Hyatt Centric, Courtyard South Beach, Winter Heaven, Blue Moon, and The Hall South Beach. His experience has not gone unnoticed. Alberto Castellon, Regional Manager, is thrilled to have him as a part of the Park One family, “It's exciting for me to have the opportunity to work with Sebastian, he’s a true servant leader. Sebastian understands the power of relationships, cares deeply for his team, which in turn deliver extraordinary results for Park One and the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables. Sebastian is a talented and ambitious young person who will set his own ceiling, I am very proud to have him as part of our Park One Family.”

When asked what the key is to his success, Sebastian quoted Charlie Chaplin, “Life is a play that doesn’t allow resting. So sing, cry, dance, laugh, live intensively and work hard before the curtain closes and the piece ends with no applause.” Sebastian would also give credit to his faith. Sebastian's favorite part of working at Park One so far, “I really like the operation I am running right now, Hyatt Coral Gables, I have learned a lot in many aspects.”

When asked what he does for fun when he isn’t inspiring his team, “Watching and playing soccer, I actually play in a South Florida soccer league. I love to travel and get to know new places and the history behind them. I enjoy growing in my personal, professional and spiritual life. I spend a great time with family and friends.”

Keep inspiring everyone at Park One and Citizens Lanier Holdings, Sebastian! #WeParkMiami