Citizens Insider: Mark Tagami

Oct 30, 2018

Citizens Insider: Mark Tagami

Orlando Territory Manager Mark Tagami has been a long-time employee of Lanier Parking. In 2011, following the NBA lockout, Mark attended a job fair at the Amway Center, where he was hired and began his career as an Event Flagger for Orlando Magic games. The flexibility of Lanier’s schedule seemed perfect to him as he was a full-time college student and was looking to work around his school hours.

Seven years and several promotions later, Mark finds that the best part of working for Lanier is facing unique challenges every day that must be met with unique solutions. As he says, “There is never a dull moment in the world of parking.” The biggest challenge Mark talks about is juggling the needs of all parties, from clients to management and employees to customers. 

As a Territory Manager, Mark is incredibly proud of successfully opening three new locations, though he is quick to commend his team for these accomplishments. “My team should be credited for any success I’ve had. Orlando would not be where it is now without their hard work and dedication.” Additionally, Mark is proud of the skills he has obtained through his career with Lanier: large scale event planning, public speaking to massive groups, and transitioning new locations to full-scale operations. Recently, Mark worked closely with a large client to create an employee plan for over 1,500 event staff, utilizing relationships throughout downtown Orlando to accommodate all front-line staff members without having them incur any costs.

But Mark’s talents are not limited to parking management—his claim to fame is that he believes himself to be the best table tennis player throughout the Citizens network, and he welcomes all who challenge him. When he is not growing the Orlando territory or dominating at ping pong, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and friends, cooking with his wife, wood crafting, and trying new foods from different cultures.

Thank you, Mark, for your dedication to excellence. We look forward to your future with us!