Citizens Insider: Justin Jun

Aug 21, 2018

Citizens Insider: Justin Jun


A recent addition to the Lanier team, Justin Jun, CPP, LEXPARK Territory Manager, is a prime example of Lanier’s core values of passion, integrity, and service excellence. A military veteran and seasoned parking manager, Justin has already shown an exemplary ability to create conducive relationships with our clients. In his role as Territory Manager for LEXPARK, our municipal parking operation in Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky, Justin claims that his favorite aspect of his career with Lanier is being able to experience professional growth in an industry he loves.  

Justin’s secret to success lies in understanding and recognizing his own limitations, and actively working on gaining experience to overcome those challenges, allowing him to grow both personally and professionally. And as far as professional growth is concerned, Justin recently earned the Certified Parking Professional (CPP) credential, paving his way to continued success. 

Regional Manager Chris Goodson says of Justin, “It is an honor to work with a veteran of our armed forces. Justin’s ability to make things work and find solutions is incredible,” citing Justin’s technological military background as a great skillset to add to our team. 

Once Justin’s new operation begins to settle, he plans to go fishing more often, explore new destinations with his family, and spend more quality time with his daughters. 

Thank you, Justin, for your hard work and dedication to making Lanier Parking great. We look forward to your future with us.