Citizens Insider: Gezhagne Desalegn

Sep 25, 2018

Citizens Insider: Gezhagne Desalegn

This week’s Citizens Insider features an outstanding, long-time member of the Citizens family, Gezhagne “Gee” Desalegn. Gee has been with Lanier for 15 years. He currently works as a cashier at the 3344 Peachtree location, serving local parkers with his enthusiastic spirit. 


Lanier’s teamwork-centric environment is Gee’s favorite aspect of his job. He enjoys making connections with coworkers and parkers, striving to leave a positive and lasting impression on everyone he meets. Gee will tell you that customer service is what led him to success, and supervisors Georgiana Jackson and Dustin Penwright would agree. “Gee’s exceptional customer service skills have been the key to his long tenured success with Lanier,” Dustin says about the Atlanta cashier.


Outside of work, Gee enjoys jogging and spending time with his family.


Thank you, Gee, for fifteen years of serving the Atlanta community, and for being such a positive impact on the Lanier family. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!