Citizens Insider: Donald Brown

Feb 06, 2019

Citizens Insider: Donald Brown

Donald Brown, or as we call him, “Dee,” has been part of the Citizens family for four years. He currently serves as a Traffic Management Officer at one of our healthcare locations. A friend of supervisor Garry Hollie, Dee thrives in a workplace in which he has the opportunity to serve and make connections with others. His accomplishments are driven by his belief in fulfilling his life’s purpose of serving others.

Dee always strives to make a customer’s experience exceptional. Supervisor Garry Hollie says Dee is great with kids and, when working with customers that speak different languages, often breaks the language barrier with his smile and passion for his work. “He builds a relationship with each family he meets. He is always professional and a pleasure to work with. He even relocated to be closer to his job.”

Dee is especially proud of his team’s adaptability during changing conditions at their location and the patience he has learned from his position with Lanier. Outside of work, Dee is a big time sports fanatic and a lover of art. His interests include basketball and zydeco.

Thank you, Dee, for the great work you do for the team and for our customers! We are glad to have you in the family.