Citizens Insider: Clinton Harris

Jan 08, 2019

Citizens Insider: Clinton Harris

Going above and beyond the call of duty is exactly what Clinton Harris brings to the AmeriPark team. Starting as a Valet Attendant in early 2014, Clinton is now an Operations Manager at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek. In this position, Clinton juggles a variety of tasks, all in an effort to anticipate a customer’s needs and to ensure the best experience for our customers and our client, alike. In turn, Clinton is often commended for his kindness, professionalism, and for his standout dedication to exceptional service.

Clinton attributes his successes to his love of people and desire to acquire new skill sets. To this, he says, “Learning builds character and loving builds relationships.” As relationships and people are a major aspect of the business, it’s no wonder Clinton has excelled in his roles with AmeriPark.

Over the past five years, Clinton has gained administrative and decision-making skills, and networking and relational skills. According to Clinton, the most challenging part of his job is recognizing and acknowledging the great potential in those who may be a little tentative to explore higher achievements.

Outside of his work life, Clinton enjoys researching global trends, ancient history, and traveling to new destinations! 

As Senior Operations Manager Armando Romero says, “We are so fortunate to have you on our team as a steward of leadership and professionalism.”

Thank you for your exceptional service and dedication to excellence.