Citizens Insider: Allan Poe

Nov 20, 2018

Citizens Insider: Allan Poe

If you park at Church Avenue Garage, you’ll quickly recognize Allan Poe. In case you haven't met him, let us introduce you.

Allan has been with PARK Roanoke for the past two and a half years and says he can’t imagine doing anything else. He comes to PARK Roanoke from a career in the military and police force. He served in the Vietnam War in the Navy where he worked out of the Far East, Hong Kong, Philippines, France, Italy, and Spain. Afterwards, he worked as a police officer in Norfolk, Radford, and in narcotics work, and was even once shot in the line of duty. Later, he became a Magistrate in the City of Roanoke—think ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’—and retired after 16 years in 2005.

When asked what he likes most about working for PARK Roanoke, Allan said, “I’ve made so many friends. The company is fair and has treated me well. I love meeting so many people. In this job you can be friendly, not like when you are an officer. It’s the first job I’ve ever had where I can be myself and meet & greet people on a one on one basis. I plan to work here indefinitely. It’s very rewarding.” When asked what is the number one thing he wants people to know, Allan answered, “Know that we now have video security. Cashiers and office personnel are trained in customer service. We like to maintain friendly and good disposition and we welcome anyone to tell us how they feel about their service. We always want the opportunity to improve our service and make you happy—that’s our goal.”

Allan also performs marriage ceremonies—at least 30 in the past four months. In August of this year, he performed six in one day! Allan has married people at the VT football field, Carvin’s Cove, Waffle House, Mill Mountain Star, the Parkway, and other venues. His off-duty activities include golf, reading, and fishing. Thank you, Allan, for your service!

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