Citizens Insider: Alberto Castellon

in Citizens Insider Jul 20, 2017

Citizens Insider: Alberto Castellon

In 2007, during the week of Art Basal in Miami, Florida, Alberto Castellon was presented an opportunity that he could not refuse. While Alberto attended University of Miami, he had the privilege of working at several hotels, an industry that would follow him throughout his career. Through Alberto’s hotel network, a friend who worked at the Biltmore Hotel, a Park One client, needed two drivers for the week of Art Basal. The Biltmore operated two luxury rental vehicles for the week. The drivers needed to understand hospitality and the significance of luxury services. Alberto would have to drive hotel visitors showcasing the highest standard of respect for VIP status guests. That week turned into a part-time job, and that job evolved into a career of nine years at Park One overseeing three territory managers, and a total of 350 team members.

Park One understands luxury, high demand pushes the Park One team to stick together, and they are family. When pressed about his favorite part of working with Park One, Alberto expressed, “My Park One family… I have witnessed the power of relationships, they are key in advancing our business and vital in making us whole. The selection and development of our people is incredibly exciting to me. We ensure a kind of success that outlives our tenure, and that is truly fulfilling.”

Alberto knows that to succeed in this industry you also have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, “I recognize that what got me, got our team to a certain level, isn't going to be the same thing that takes us to the next. We may fail but our pursuit of excellence is relentless.”

Alberto reports to Region Vice President of Miami, Florida, Jonathan Tovar. Jonathan joked, “I’ve seen Alberto in some uncomfortable situations, but he always knows how to rise to the occasion. Alberto can own any situation and go above and beyond. His hospitality background drives him, he lives to serve and loves to mentor. He created our talent development program, and anytime we have a new property Alberto knows exactly who to place in it.”

When Alberto isn’t spending time with his extended Park One family he is sharing his life with the people that he loves, “As long as a very special handful is there – life is worthwhile.”

Thank you, Alberto Castellon, for all of your hard work at Park One. #WeParkMiami