Bicycle Parking Vs. Auto Parking

Oct 14, 2016

Bicycle Parking Vs. Auto Parking

Perhaps it was inevitable.

As bicycle ridership numbers rise across our nation, the demand for bicycle parking is up, too. 

In fact, it’s way up.

In many cities, there’s increasingly as much attention given to bicycle parking as to auto parking.

For example, Arlington County, Va. requires developers of site-plan buildings to construct one bicycle parking space for every 2.5 residential units, according to Mobility Lab, which tracks transportation management issues. Experts believe 50 percent of all households in the county own at least one bicycle. 

This gets even more interesting.

In Los Angeles, some buildings are being constructed with more bicycle parking than automobile parking, according to Mobility Lab. And in Washington, D.C., a new condominium project will be built entirely without auto parking, with its developer believing that consumers are demanding far less car parking and far more bicycle parking.

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As the author puts it: “It’s hard to ignore that bike parking is proliferating and auto parking is being removed in many urban areas. A subtle rebalancing is underway, and this trend could have big consequences on how our cities look in the future.”

You agree?

What impact will this also have on the parking industry?