• Do You Know the Tax Changes in Commuting Costs?

    Apr 02, 2018

    Beginning in 2018, employers will no longer be able to deduct contributions for employee transportation expenses, parking expenses or biking expenses, except as necessary for ensuring the safety of an employee. However, the corporate tax rate decrease from 35 percent to 21 percent may offset the loss of many employer deductions. Employees can still pay their own mass transit or workplace parking costs using pretax income, through an employer-sponsored salary-deduction program. Transportation Expenses: Employer tax deduction eliminated. Employee pre-tax contribution limit increases from $255...

  • Electric Car Charging at my Condo, Who Pays?

    Mar 13, 2018

    We can all agree that electric vehicles (EVs’) are not just a passing fad, but are here to stay. Innovative vehicles, like Tesla, have motivated buyers far beyond their environmental and economic benefits. In fact, sales are up an average of 35% year over year on electric vehicles, and up to 40% of manufacturer’s vehicle models are now electric. The question is, should we implement EV charging in our residential community? Owners purchase electric vehicles and then ask community associations how to charge them. If you manage a residential community or reside on the board of direc...

  • Why Patients Benefit from Paying for Hospital Parking

    Mar 01, 2018

    Why Patients Benefit from Paying for Hospital Parking Paid parking is becoming a reality at hospital campuses across the country. As the healthcare market battles shrinking margins due to Medicare/Medicaid shortcomings and the increasing number of uninsured Americans, hospital executives are forced to evaluate every aspect of their revenue producing assets. This article will tell you why paid parking can benefit the hospital and the patient. Current Trends: "70% of hospitals in the US with 200 beds or more do NOT charge for parking." The current operational trend in the hospital communi...

  • Citizens Insider: Sebastian Ramirez

    Sep 28, 2017

    The Park One team would like to showcase another up & coming member in their growing family. This Citizens Insider is all about Park One Manager, Sebastian Ramirez. Seventeen months ago, Sebastian was recruited and interviewed by Kevin Hardwick, Regional Manager for a position at Hyatt Coral Gables. Kevin believed Sebastian’s experience and credentials would essentially exceed the client’s expectations of operations, "I knew he understood the service culture. Culture comes from the top and Sebastian is a leader who inspires his team to provide the best in service.”   Seb...

  • Citizen Insider: Diego Ceballos

    Aug 04, 2017

    Diego Ceballos has been a member of the Park One family for over 6 years. Starting his journey with Park One in 2010, he brings over 10 years of parking expertise with him. Diego was hired as a Valet Manager at Icon Brickell, Miami. Not too soon after that, 5 weeks into the job, Diego was transferred to manage Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa. Diego now manages the most distinguished properties in Park One’s list of esteemed clientele. At every property that Diego manages, he brings a since of ownership to the operation. Ownership and responsibility are where Diego tributes his success, ââ‚

  • Todd Brosius Announced President of AmeriPark

    Jul 28, 2017

    Bijan Eghtedari announced a leadership change on Thursday, July 27th naming Todd Brosius as new president of AmeriPark. The entire Citizens Parking family would like to congratulate Todd and to thank Mark Hancher for his years of service with AmeriPark. Mark who agreed to serve as advisor for the next year, helped establish AmeriPark as the leading Retail Parking Management firm in the U.S. Todd Brosius knows the AmeriPark brand well as he has worked closely with the management team in the past year and half on developing their hospitality division. Todd, we look forward to your leadership at ...

  • Citizens Insider: Daniel Dotti

    Jul 27, 2017

    Daniel Dotti is a Park One veteran with sixteen years of dedication—a true accomplishment few can claim. The first position that Daniel held was temporary as a Valet Runner for extra cash while vacationing in the United States. A temporary job while on vacation would become a successful career and a permanent home. Over the years Daniel would eventually move up the Park One ranks to Regional Manager. Along his journey, Daniel has found methods to assist clients in all aspects of customer service and operations. Daniel’s extensive list of clients include: Biscayne Cove, Mayfair in...

  • Citizens Insider: Alberto Castellon

    in Citizens Insider Jul 20, 2017

    In 2007, during the week of Art Basal in Miami, Florida, Alberto Castellon was presented an opportunity that he could not refuse. While Alberto attended University of Miami, he had the privilege of working at several hotels, an industry that would follow him throughout his career. Through Alberto’s hotel network, a friend who worked at the Biltmore Hotel, a Park One client, needed two drivers for the week of Art Basal. The Biltmore operated two luxury rental vehicles for the week. The drivers needed to understand hospitality and the significance of luxury services. Alberto would have to...

  • Tracy Kalteux in Parking Today

    Jul 19, 2017

    Tracy Kalteux, Senior Vice President, Human Resources for Lanier Parking, AmeriPark and Park One, discusses building a team of players that are resilient, "culture fit", and are strong leaders in Parking Today's Women in Parking issue.  "Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds and not only bounce back, but bounce back stronger. Successful organizations build resiliency into their culture, their strategy and their day-to-day business practices." - Tracy Kalteux, Senior Vice President of Citizen's Lanier, oversees the HR Departments at Lanier Parking, AmeriPark, and Park...

  • Parking Opportunities in Growing Gaming Industry

    Oct 14, 2016

    A year ago, the American Gaming Association reported the national commercial casino industry saw its second-largest gross gaming revenues ever.  The annual State of the States: The AGA Survey of Casino Entertainment report showed “an industry that has now seen three consecutive years of escalating growth—reaching its highest levels of gross gaming revenues since prior to the recession that began in 2008.” In addition, another 2013 report found “public opinion polling indicating that an overwhelming majority of American adults view casino gaming as acceptable for the...